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Incident Response Planning

Develop a strategy for addressing the cybersecurity scenario with the highest potential for negative impact.

Hackers are constantly trying to breach the systems of organizations, both small and large. According to studies, hackers produce as many as 230,000 new malware samples daily. While you can take measures to reduce the risk of a successful attack, many organizations still face security crises.

Fortunately, Encompass IT Solutions has an Incident Response Team dedicated to responding to such incidents. We will collaborate with your team to take any necessary steps to remediate the incident and restore your service to its previous secure state. In addition, we will conduct a digital forensics analysis to determine the root cause of the security incident.

Encompass IT Solutions can assist your organization in responding to active cybersecurity incidents through our Incident Response Team services. No matter the size of the incident, we are here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your unique situation.

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