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Is your business secure?

Start protecting it today.

The days of relying on just a firewall and some free anti-virus software to protect your small business are over. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are way more sophisticated, crafting new malicious software daily. Unless you are implementing all of these top cybersecurity recommendations below, you and your small business are easy targets for fraud or data breaches. 

Just A Few of the Cybersecurity Solutions that ALL Businesses MUST Have in Place:

1) Strong, Complex Passwords

If you are still using a pet name, "Password123", or even a somewhat complex password like "P@ssw0rd", you are a sitting duck. We recommend a sentence you can easily remember, but has complexity, like "y0Uc@N’tHaCKm3in2020!!". The more characters in your password, the better. Special symbols and numbers are a must!


Blake Anderson, Cybersecurity Analyst

Blake is an experienced Cybersecurity Analyst at Encompass IT Solutions. Holding a B.S. in Computer Networking & Cybersecurity from Champlain College, he is driven by producing consistent and quality work for clients in order to keep their IT infrastructure running smoothly and well-protected.

2) Monitored & Tested Backup

We recently assisted a small business that had an IT company “managing” their backup. Unfortunately, the business caught a form of ransomware which held their data hostage for 2 weeks. Because their backups had not been updated in 2 years and were never tested, they lost their data. Backups MUST be tested at least quarterly and a report that the backup was successfully run should be sent to you daily. 


3) Antivirus with Ransomware Protection

The worst infection you can and will encounter is ransomware. This malicious software holds your data hostage until you pay thousands of dollars in the form of an untraceable cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Most anti-virus software doesn’t have this protection built-in, especially not the free versions.

4) Cybersecurity Staff Training

Doesn’t sound all that important, right? Wrong! The weakest link in your small business are humans; mainly your employees and staff. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same level of tech-savviness. You can have all the protections in the world, but if you have an untrained employee in the next office opening every email possible, visiting insane sites, etc… You will get hacked. Training your staff is probably the most overlooked, but the best cybersecurity investment. 

5) Get a Free IT Consultation with Encompass IT Solutions

These are just a few cybersecurity solutions and provide about 75% of the necessary protection against cybersecurity threats. It is vital to your business to have IT & Cybersecurity experts perform an analysis on your current technology set up in your business. We will check your computers, network, servers, data backup, cybersecurity, and more. Make sure your business is secure and protect yourself from cybercriminals. Fill out our form for the FREE IT Consultation or give us a call at (860) 785-6233.

If your business needs help with any of the above, or if you're just looking for a second opinion on your current IT setup, give Encompass IT Solutions a call at (860) 785-6233.

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Why Encompass IT Solutions?

Over 30 Years of Experience
With extensive experience, we'll apply our knowledge to your unique situation and wisely recommend solutions that best fit your business.


Certified Technicians & Cybersecurity Analysts

Our certified technicians and IT specialists are constantly keeping up-to-date on the current technologies and data breaches. 

1-Hour Response, Guaranteed!

As a contract client of Encompass IT, you will enjoy best in class service with our 1-hour response time to your mission-critical needs.

Encompass IT Solutions

- Cybersecurity Specialists

Cybersecurity & Managed IT Services for Businesses in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

As reliance on complex computer systems grows, many small and medium-sized businesses find their technology resources are limited and can become quickly overwhelmed. With over 30 years of experience, our team of technology experts is uniquely equipped to provide exceptional IT consultation, guaranteed 1-hour or less emergency response times, enhanced cybersecurity measures, and day-to-day IT help desk technical support. Encompass IT Solutions solves your business technology problems so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

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