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The Top 5 Cybersecurity Solutions Every Business MUST Have:

The days of relying on a firewall and antivirus to protect your small business are over. Cybercriminals are way more sophisticated and unless you implement the top 5 recommendations below, you and your small business are easy targets. 

1) Strong, Complex Passwords

If you are still using a pet name, "Password123", or even a somewhat complex password like "P@ssw0rd", you are a sitting duck. We recommend a sentence you can easily remember, but has complexity, like "y0Uc@N’tHaCKm3ScUMb@G!!" (This is a joke but a VERY good password.) 

2) Monitored & Tested Backup

We assisted a company recently that had an IT company “managing” their backup.  Ransomware held their data hostage for 2 weeks because their backup hadn’t run in 2 years and was never tested.  Backups must be tested at least quarterly and a report that the backup was run and was successful should be sent to you daily. 

3) Antivirus with Ransomware Protection

Bottom line, the worst infection you can and will encounter is ransomware.  FACT: Most antivirus software doesn’t 

have this protection built-in. Check out this example of what a ransomware hijack looks like:

4) Cybersecurity Staff Training

Doesn’t sound all that important right? WRONG! The weakest link in your small business are humans; mainly your employees. And not everyone has the same tech-savviness. You can have all the protections in the world but if you have a lunatic in the next office opening every email possible, visiting insane sites, you get the jist…. You will get hacked. Train your staff. 

5) Email Security with Anti-Phishing

The #1 way small businesses get compromised? Via email! Spear-Phishing emails are so tough to spot and many times you will receive emails directly from contacts that have been compromised. 


These are just the Top 5 and provide about 80% protection against cybersecurity threats. 

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