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October 2023 will bring the end of support for all editions of Microsoft Server 2012 and 2012 R2. As the way businesses utilize IT resources changes, the supporting technologies must change with them. Using these Microsoft server versions after October risks your infrastructure and applications. Below are common implications that can come from maintaining an End-of-Life server.

Business Implications

  • Compliance – For many businesses, it is necessary to meet the needs of different compliance standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, and CMMC. Using an End-of-Life server will breach compliance with any of these standards.

  • Supportability – Most software vendors/providers will only support and troubleshoot their application if it is on a supported operating system. The continued use of an End-of-Life server will increase troubleshooting times at best and, at worst, leave your critical application without support.

  • Lost Revenue – We all know that employees have come to rely on many tools to do their job most efficiently. The continued use of End-of-Life operating systems will cause additional and lengthier tickets. This will lower overall productivity while increasing your IT costs as your employees spend time with support.

Migration Planning

Things to Consider – A different solution would be best depending on your responses to the questions below.

  • Are there cloud offerings for your Line of Business applications that need to be migrated?

  • Have you assessed your current infrastructure? To Identify what company tools are actively used.

  • How much of your work is done in a web browser and email?

  • Do you already use OneDrive to store your files?

If the questions above made you start to think, we would love to take the time to answer these questions with you. No matter the best solution for your business, Encompass IT will help guide you through the process and successful migration. 

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