Has IT, but is concerned.

So you're a small business that has an IT vender, but...

These are the common themes we hear frequently:

  • “Not sure what we are paying for.” 

  • “Sometimes it takes hours to hear back from our IT vendor.” 

  • “I think our IT company has larger clients than us.” 

  • “It seems like we keep dealing with the same issues over and over.  Things don’t seem to get resolved.” 

  • “Every time we call, we get a different tech who doesn’t know our systems.” 

  • And our ALL-TIME FAVORITE: “We know a guy but he has a full-time job and can only help us when he’s not busy.” 


The top reasons why businesses choose Encompass IT Solutions: 

  • We are extremely RESPONSIVE!  In 1 hour or less is how quickly we will help with critical IT issues. Most of the time, we help our clients INSTANTLY, whether it's remote or leaving to fix the issue onsite.

  • We assign a DEDICATED tech to each of our clients.  You do not have to worry about whether a technician knows your IT systems or not. 

  • We DON'T play favorites. Our contract clients get the same level of support and responsiveness whether they have 5 people in their office or 100. We do not pick favorites or have preferences based on size or revenue. 

  • We discover the ROOT CAUSE of issues. No Band-Aids, no “It is good enough”. It's poor business to charge clients over and over for the same issue. Remediate the 1st time or we make permanent corrective recommendations. 


Still NOT sure if Encompass IT is the best solution for you?  Read how we help others and then consider if we're a good fit for your business


We Finally Found a Great IT Firm
“We love the assurance of knowing that we have the highest level of knowledge and expertise with Encompass IT. Their technicians demonstrate honesty and professionalism, as well as being able to stay up-to-speed on all current technologies.

Encompass IT’s ability to assess and diagnose issues, as well as being able to make good, cost-efficient recommendations for our needs, sets them apart. Don’t hesitate and to pick up the phone and call them. After 20+ years of being in business, I feel like we finally have found a great IT firm to help us in our small business needs. Thank you!!”


– Deborah Palmer, Business & Marketing Manager  

(ArborMaster | Willington, CT)

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