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IT Consulting

Whether Your Project is Big or Small, We Can Help.

What is IT Consulting for Businesses?

An IT consulting company works with its clients to help solve IT problems and issues. Our IT experts and analysts are either brought in specifically for advice on a particular IT project or to provide a comprehensive review of all technology for a business. The depth and scope of Encompass IT Solution's IT consulting services can range from basic assistance, all the way to helping the business with managed IT services. ​

When it comes to technology, many businesses are either unable or unskilled in utilizing or securing their own computers, servers, networks, or data to save time and money. Hiring an IT consulting company will not only help to solve IT problems faster, but also more accurately due to the expertise of their technicians. 

How Encompass IT Solutions Provides IT Consulting 

Here at Encompass IT Solutions, our expert IT consultants will take a high-level approach to reviewing your business needs and current operations. We will cover everything from your computers, servers, and networks to obvious cybersecurity issues. Based on the results from the review, we will provide specific recommendations and might suggest new equipment and software. If your business is just looking for some specific advice, our IT experts are happy to provide answers or assist depending on your needs.

No Need to Hire a Full-Time CTO or In-House Technician
There are several major benefits of hiring an IT consulting company. The specialized knowledge our IT consulting experts bring to bear on a problem can help fix issues, as well as provide cost savings from hiring a full-time, in-house CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or IT technician as employees. Consultants are available when you need them, and don’t cost you anything when you don’t.

Real-World IT Experience & Advice

Encompass IT Solutions provides IT consultants who are experts in their field and have experience implementing and working with businesses. Chances are that our expert IT consultants have dealt with a situation very similar to your company’s with another client. As a result, their real-world experience and firsthand knowledge can be applied to your own needs.

A Fresh Eye or Second Opinion

An IT consultant can also provide an outside, second opinion or have fresh eyes when it comes to your specific business situation. It’s easy to get tunnel vision when dealing with a major issue. Providing a new set of eyes is a great way to rejuvenate a project.

IT for the Future
The IT field is changing on a daily basis. IT consulting companies provide organizations with a great way to keep abreast of major changes. They also make it easy to upgrade your systems in the most effective ways possible.


If you’re in need of advice from expert IT consultants, Encompass IT Solutions can assist with projects big or small. Feel free to contact us at (860) 785-6233. 
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