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Ransomware Preparedness

Prepare for Ransomware.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malicious software designed to deny entry to a computer system or data until a monetary ransom is paid. It holds your data hostage until a payment of thousands of dollars is wired to the hacker or destroys the data after a certain time period of not being paid. The worst part is that there is no guarantee that the ransomware will be lifted from your computer system even after the ransom has been paid in full.

Ransomware is arguably the most widespread and devastating cybersecurity threat present in the United States. It seems that a ransomware assault manages to make it into the news at the least weekly, and the victims are becoming all too close to home-- from our educational departments to our grocery stores. Specialists and experts have calculated that ransomware in 2020 has been demanding an average payment from businesses of $8,100 for each infection. Unfortunately, the downtime costs businesses even more, with an average of over $280,000 in each attack for 2020.  Ransomware cost companies globally $8 billion in 2018, and the most common industries that were attacked in 2019 were government organizations, manufacturing, construction, utilities, retail, real estate, healthcare, education, and financial institutions. No enterprise or organization is immune to being targeted for ransomware assaults, no matter how big or how small.

Encompass IT Solutions employs a team of highly certified and experienced Ethical Hackers and IT Risk Specialists to assist businesses in lowering their risk of a data breach.


Due to the rising threat of ransomware attacks, we've created a Ransomware Preparedness service to help businesses not only lower the risk of ransomware infecting their systems, but also minimize the potential damages and increase checkpoints that would successfully stop a ransomware attack.


Our Ransomware Preparedness Assessments can be broken down into four main areas:


1) Review Your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans
When an attack strikes, being able to respond quickly to that attack can make the difference in recovering business operations in a matter of hours, instead of days, weeks, or months. Here at Encompass IT Solutions, we will help build new business continuity and disaster recovery plans, so that there are logical procedures and safeguards against cybersecurity attacks. If you currently have your own disaster recovery plans, our Cybersecurity Specialists and Tech Advisors can provide recommendations for improvement as necessary. 
2) Inspect & Test Your Backups or Recovery Solutions

In many situations, the best way to recover from a ransomware attack is to restore from reliable offline backups. However, some cyber attacks will also attempt to encrypt or delete these backups. Our top IT specialists will review your current backup and restore procedures, as well as assist in ensuring that timely backups are being taken. Encompass IT Solutions will ensure that all critical data, as defined by the business organization, is being backed up correctly.
3) Provide Security Awareness Training for Your Employees & Staff
The most important line of defense against ransomware attacks or any cyber attack is your employees. Studies show that repeated education around cybersecurity awareness is one of the best ways to combat phishing and ransomware attacks. Encompass IT Solutions will provide onsite and/or online training for your employees in Connecticut or Massachusetts that can be targeted by ransomware on how to specifically handle an attack. We also offer more general security awareness training topics as well.
4) Simulate & Test Ransomware Situations
Encompass IT Solutions has designed simulations of real-world ransomware attacks, using the industry's best tools. Our Cybersecurity Specialists will work with your management staff and tailor campaigns to simulate a ransomware threat and review your organization's response. These simulations can include phishing assessments and software that simulates a real ransomware attack.

Let Encompass IT Solutions assist your small business in assessing any risks present through our Ransomware Preparedness Assessments, so you can mitigate not only your risk of falling victim to a ransomware attack, but also minimize the damage that a successful attack could inflict. Contact us today to discuss your unique situation!

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