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Ransomware Preparedness

Get Ready for Ransomware: A Guide to Encompass IT Solutions' Ransomware Preparedness Service

Ransomware blocks access to computer systems or data until a ransom is paid. This cyber threat is becoming increasingly common and devastating for businesses, with an average payment demand of $8,100 per infection in 2020. The downtime costs businesses even more, with an average of over $280,000 per attack.


No enterprise or organization is immune to ransomware attacks, and the most common industries targeted include government, manufacturing, construction, utilities, retail, real estate, healthcare, education, and financial institutions.

Encompass IT Solutions offers a Ransomware Preparedness service to help businesses lower their risk of a data breach and minimize potential damages. This service includes four main areas:

  • Review of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans: Encompass IT Solutions will help build or improve business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure logical procedures and safeguards against cybersecurity attacks.

  • Inspection & Testing of Backups or Recovery Solutions: Our top IT specialists will review current backup and restore procedures and ensure timely backups are being taken to restore critical data correctly.

  • Security Awareness Training for Employees & Staff: Encompass IT Solutions will provide cybersecurity awareness training for employees to combat phishing and ransomware attacks.

  • Simulation & Testing of Ransomware Situations: Our Cybersecurity Specialists will simulate real-world ransomware attacks to review the organization's response and tailor campaigns to affect a ransomware threat.

Encompass IT Solutions' Ransomware Preparedness service can help businesses assess any risks present and mitigate the risk of falling victim to a ransomware attack and minimize the damage that a successful attack could inflict.


Contact Encompass IT Solutions today to discuss your unique situation and protect your business from ransomware attacks.

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