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Secrets of Cybersecurity:

The Top 5 Protections All

Small Businesses Need

Learn how to secure your business technology, protect sensitive data, and keep hackers out. With these Top 5 Cybersecurity Protections, you will be up-to-date on current threats and obtain a good night's sleep. 

Join Jim Ericson, Chief Technology Advisor at Encompass IT Solutions, to learn:

  • Practical tips on how to secure your business technology, including computers, networks, servers, data backup, email, and more.

  • What types of software or services to streamline your cybersecurity and to provide peace of mind. 

  • Cost-effective ways small businesses can increase their cybersecurity measures.

  • What happens when businesses fail to incorporate these Top 5 Cybersecurity Protections.

Featured Presenter


Jim Ericson, Chief Technology Advisor 

Jim is an experienced Cybersecurity & IT Expert at Encompass IT Solutions. For over 15 years, he has worked in the Information Technology industry, with a focus in Computer Networking & Cybersecurity. He is driven by producing personalized, quality problem-solving for clients in order to keep their IT infrastructure running smoothly and well-protected.

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