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Working Remotely: Cloud-based

VoIP Phone Systems

Learn about affordable solutions for working remotely during the global pandemic, while facing yet another possible shut-down. Encompass IT Solution's new Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems allow you to plug your phones in anywhere, providing the mobility and flexibility businesses need right now.

Friday, Oct. 30 @ 11:00am EST via Zoom

This webinar will include a 15-minute presentation from Jimmy Ericson, as well as a 15-minute Q&A session to end. We'll be wrapping up at 11:30am EST.


Join Jimmy Ericson from

Encompass IT Solutions to learn about:

  • How to harness cloud technology to provide the mobility and flexibility your businesses may need during this pandemic. 

  • How Cloud VoIP Phone Systems are either more than or just as affordable as PBX phone systems.

  • Cost-effective ways small businesses can increase their productivity while working remotely.

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