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IT Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity IT Risk Assessments

Do you know if your business is adequately protected against ransomware, hackers, and phishing attacks? Common security gaps like outdated software improperly configured firewalls, and weak passwords can leave you vulnerable. Even email hacks, spoofs, and phishing attacks can go unnoticed, leading to the sale of client data on the dark web. If your business were compromised, would your clients still trust you with their sensitive information?

A Cybersecurity IT Risk Assessment can help answer these questions. Its objective is to recommend measures that maximize confidentiality, integrity, and availability while maintaining functionality and usability. This assessment involves identifying what needs to be protected, the sensitive data, and to what level and detail.

Our Cybersecurity IT Risk Assessment includes data collection to identify missing or undocumented policies and procedures, vulnerability evaluation to test the adequacy of existing safeguards, threat findings to identify potential risks, and an inventory of acceptable risks to assess the adequacy of existing protections.

To protect your business, contact Encompass IT Solutions at (860) 785-6233 to schedule a Cybersecurity IT Risk Assessment. Stay safe and secure.

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