What Our Clients Are Saying

A Big Weight Off Our Shoulders
“Encompass IT took care of all our computer needs when we opened our new law firm. We did not have to worry about anything. Our office is largely dependent on our computers. To have our system down for a long period of time would have caused severe problems. Prior to hiring Encompass IT’s firm, we did our own IT in-house and it could be a nightmare. Computers would have issues and it was all day before anything was resolved.

Having a managed service contract with Encompass IT has lifted a big weight off our shoulders. They never make us wait with any of our computer issues that pop up now and again. We call and within the ½ hour a technician is remotely viewing the issue and helping to get us back up and running. Even when the issue cannot be resolved by a remote session, they always come to the office within the same day.”


– Malcolm Barlow, Attorney

(Attorney Malcolm Barlow | Manchester, CT)



Stays Up-To-Date with Changes in Technology
“I feel the Encompass IT team understands us as clients and our specific technology needs. I do not have to retell our IT history on each call to bring the technicians up to speed. It’s a continued collaborative relationship, in which Encompass IT is more like an extension of our healthcare company, than just a hired IT firm.

The response time is excellent. If there are technical issues either with the product or the interface, they work on the problem until it is resolved. We are extremely happy that we are never told “it’s not our issue; the problem must be with the other guy”. Encompass IT never passes the buck.

We have had excellent results. I believe Encompass IT deserves the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and their ability to stay abreast with technology, especially in a medical environment where new products and services rapidly change.”


– Sheryl Conticello on behalf of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Principle

(CT Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, LLC | Hartford, CT)


I Sleep at Night Knowing that We Have a Recovery Plan
“I can sleep at night knowing that my law office is protected and that we have a recovery plan should things go terribly wrong. Encompass IT’s ability to be timely in response to issues sets them apart from other firms. IT problems shut us down. Encompass IT technicians are always there for us in an impressively timely manner.

I think the Eagles said it best: ‘…Why don’t you come to your senses? Come down from your fences; open the gate. It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you. You better let somebody love you, before it’s too late.’”


– Jeff Walsh, Real Estate Attorney  

(Jeffery T. Walsh & Associates PC | Manchester, CT)



Treat Us Like Family and They Do What They Promise!
“Ever since hiring Encompass IT, our network has been very stable and reliable at our six office locations throughout Connecticut. Everything just works and allows us to focus on our own jobs, which is priceless! Not only are they extremely friendly and approachable, but their technicians are also on time and quick to attend to our support needs. It’s super easy to reach them either by phone or email, and they provide honest recommendations about hardware and network options… Unlike other IT support companies we’ve had to deal with! They do what they promise. You will be treated as one of the family with their personalized service.”


– Dr. Michael Lashgari, Orthodontist

(McKenna Orthodontics | 6 Locations in CT)



User-Friendly & Simply Explains What We Need to Do
“Encompass IT’s quick accessibility and their ability to handle our system remotely is a big benefit. They are much more user-friendly than our prior IT people and simply explain what we need to do.

Use Encompass IT for your computer problems, you will not be sorry.”


– M. Patricia McVane, Attorney

(McVane, Bellobuono, Kuzmak, Wiezalis & Bibisi, LLP | Hartford, CT)


Patient, Respectful, and Understand Small Businesses
“If we had to pick the biggest single benefit we’ve experienced with Encompass IT, it’d be the request turnaround time. Our issues are usually completed efficiently and effectively within the same day of the request… Meaning that a week later, we aren’t calling for the same exact issue.


Their technicians treat each and every one of our issues with the same amount of detail and respect, regardless of its level of acuity. In our company, our employees have varying levels of computer literacy, however, the entire Encompass IT team has patience and realizes that not everyone is as computer savvy as others.

Be rest assured that Encompass IT’s level of professionalism, respect and courtesy is bar none. We appreciate how they understand the inner workings of small companies in the healthcare industry, whereas these big national IT companies just don’t. That means something to small businesses. We aren’t “Client #1000”, we’re Teresa from IAA, etc. Personalized service is very important to us.”


– Teresa A. Martins, Division Manager of Hartford County

(Integrated Anesthesia Associates | Hartford, CT)


Understands Our Client Confidentiality Regulations
“Encompass IT is responsive to the demanding and changing needs in a law firm’s IT environment and understands the critical need to protect client privacy and confidentiality.

Unlike past IT firms, which didn’t completely comprehend the developing regulatory environment in which real estate law firms operate, Encompass IT takes the time to understand the requirements under which we operate and assists us with compliance.”


– Attorney David Blackwell, Partner

(Blackwell & Spadaccini LLC | Manchester, CT)


Valuable Time Isn’t Interrupted with Technology Issues
“Back in the old days without Encompass IT, if the network went down, I would have to stop whatever I was doing, come back to my office, and stay there until it got corrected – even if I was on a sales call. 


Now, I trust Encompass IT to fix the IT problems and my valuable time is not interrupted anymore by having to address a technology issue.”


– Kevin Ganley, Owner

(Ameripak | Windsor, CT)



Protecting Your Information from Being Hacked
Highly recommend Encompass IT Solutions to help with your computer needs. Very knowledgeable! From setting up your network to protecting your information from being hacked, they will cover it all. You can trust them to take care of you.”

– Joseph Yannielli, Vice President

(Grass Roots Landscaping Inc. | Manchester, CT)


Encompass IT Has Been Top Notch
When we have an IT problem and call Encompass, we get prompt or immediate service in resolving our IT issues. Even though I have not worked with many IT companies, I feel the response to our needs and the service that we receive from Encompass IT has been top-notch. We have never been left with unresolved issues. Encompass gives prompt and reasonably priced services, so go ahead and try them.


– Rich Brunelle, Accountant

(Damato Enterprises | Manchester, CT)


Quick, Reliable Technicians Who Care About You
“We appreciate that personal, individualized response we receive when we are working with Encompass IT. When dealing with previous IT firms in the past, I was often on hold for an extended period of time with a support issue, and then I would be tossed back and forth between technicians who had no idea about my particular IT setup.

Now with Encompass IT, I know that when I need assistance, I will get it quickly with a technician who understands the details of my IT needs and strategies, sometimes even before I do!

There’s no question. If you want quick, reliable IT support with technicians who care about you and your needs, and all at a better rate than their competitors, there’s no better IT solution than Encompass IT.”


– Keithe Anderson, Associate Pastor

(Saint Paul’s Church | Storrs Mansfield, CT)


We Finally Found a Great IT Firm
“We love the assurance of knowing that we have the highest level of knowledge and expertise with Encompass IT. Their technicians demonstrate honesty and professionalism, as well as being able to stay up-to-speed on all current technologies.

Encompass IT’s ability to assess and diagnose issues, as well as being able to make good, cost-efficient recommendations for our needs, sets them apart. Don’t hesitate and to pick up the phone and call them. After 20+ years of being in business, I feel like we finally have found a great IT firm to help us in our small business needs. Thank you!!”


– Deborah Palmer, Business & Marketing Manager  

(ArborMaster | Willington, CT)



Go Above and Beyond
“Encompass IT is reliable and honest. I know that I can trust the answer I’m getting and a technician always shows up or calls us back when we need them. They are simply more down-to-earth and trustworthy than larger companies. It’s refreshing to deal with another family business who wants us to succeed and improve our company.

Using Encompass IT has changed our company’s computer issues forever. They go above and beyond for us in every aspect. We cannot thank you enough for your services. We recommend them to anyone who asks.”


– Lilly Rainville, Front-Desk Manager

(Tankworks & Teddy’s Oil | Manchester, CT)


Tremendous Peace of Mind
"Since hiring Encompass IT, we know that our backroom, technology, or simply our computers are not going to cause our business delays or problems. Also, our IT infrastructure get its “annual physical” by Encompass, which gives us tremendous peace of mind.

Encompass IT is fast, friendly, and competent and their response time is outstanding. I know from experience that it is far more expensive (and aggravating!) to resolve a computer crash, lost data, and downtime than to do some preventive maintenance.  We recognize the value in our computers and equipment doing their job when we need them to."


– Daniel Rosow, Partner

(Real Estate Advisory Group, LLC | South Windsor, CT)



They Listen to Our Concerns & Have the In-Depth Knowledge
“We appreciate the quick response time of Encompass IT’s technicians. Unlike many other IT companies, their technicians listen to our concerns and act as if they are part of our team. Encompass IT shows that they truly want to help us with our IT issues and possess the in-depth knowledge and resources to accomplish it.”


– Ed Peterson, Owner

(Custom Electric, Inc. | Manchester, CT)



Personal Contact and Follow-Up on IT Requests
“In addition to being knowledgeable and providing competent solutions to our IT problems, Encompass IT supports our non-traditional church office setting of having multiple independent computers. The biggest benefit is the personal contact and follow-up on our IT requests. To me, we are a society of automated prompts and it is important to be able to speak with a real person, rather than an automated system.”


– Dennis Chanski, Business Manager

(The Church of the Holy Family | Hebron, CT)


They’ve Never Disappointed Us
“Encompass IT really helps us out by providing after-hours remote support, so that our work isn’t interrupted. If we have a problem, their technicians are very good at quickly solving it or finding the solution. Hire Encompass IT for your technology needs, as they’ve never disappointed us, respond fast, and everyone there is very courteous.”


– Kathleen Reilly, Manager

(Eastfield Glass Co. | Indian Orchard, MA)


We Have No Technology Worries… Absolutely None!
“Encompass IT offers the same type of services as a corporate IT firm and their technicians are there when I need them. I used to be an employee, working in an environment with another corporate IT company, but it was a seamless transition to Encompass IT when I became a small business owner who works over the internet. Not only do they understand my layman language, but they know immediately what needs to be fixed. We have no technology worries for mobile phones and laptops – absolutely none!”


– Edi Abbott, President & CEO

(EquityComp Associates | Vernon, CT)



Would Not Hesitate to Recommend to Anyone
“The biggest benefit to hiring Encompass IT is the quick response. When compared to other IT firms, I feel Encompass IT lends a personal touch to the customer service and I, quite frankly, would not hesitate to recommend their IT firm to anyone.”


– Jean Burns, President  

(Delray Contracting, Inc. | Ellington, CT)


Gets Things Done Fast and Right
“Encompass IT provides my firm with a great response time. They help with our needs anytime we need them. It is like having an “in-house” IT department that gets things done fast and right. I can’t think of anything their IT firm hasn’t done well for us. I would highly recommend Encompass IT to any business that is looking for an IT company to assist them in their business. I’d pick them in a minute, as they are by far the best value and service any business could ask for.”


– John F. Norris, U.S. Customs Broker

(W.J. Norris, Inc. | Windsor Locks, CT)


Keeps Our Business Technology Up & Running
“Knowing that we can trust the Encompass IT team to respond to our technology issues in a timely manner, as well as keep our business technology up and running without an in-house IT person, is a huge benefit to our church.

They understand our business, our financial limitations, and our technology concerns better than any other IT firm we’ve worked with in the past. Give them a try– You won’t be disappointed!”


– Tonya Lyon, Director of Finance

(United Congregational Church Tolland | Tolland, CT)


Their Communication is Clear and Correct
“We use Encompass IT for our business, so it is very important for us to be up and running for our customers. When it comes to IT issues, we only wait a day at the most. I value how honest, professional, courteous, and trustworthy they are, along with the fact that their communication is clear and correct.

Most IT support companies want to be onsite to fix issues, when most issues can be resolved via logging in remotely to our computers. It is very important to have this option through Encompass IT for efficiency with time and money.

Give Encompass IT a try, since they are very professional, courteous, and reasonable. You will save yourself many headaches down the road.”


– James Passarello, Owner

(Beaver Brook Saw Shop | Scotland, CT)



The Police Said Our Camera System Is Better Than the Bank’s
“Overall, the biggest benefit of Encompass IT to our company is the security. The HD camera system that they installed for us works perfectly and allows us to monitor our store, protecting it from crime. Our camera system has also caught multiple get-away cars in two burglaries at the bank, across the street from our business. While the police used our video recordings in their investigation, they even commented on how we had a higher quality camera system and how much clearer the recording was than the bank’s camera system.

Encompass IT’s service is better than the other IT teams we have worked with in the past. Not only are their personnel clean, neat, and professional when working, but their technicians are able to answer any question quickly and competently. I would tell, and in fact I have told, many people to use their company. I referred another person to them just last week, and would feel comfortable sending anyone Encompass IT’s way, knowing they will be treated properly and receive great work.”


– Tony Gargano, Owner

(Gano’s Power Equipment | Colchester, CT)



Very Accommodating IT Firm
“The Encompass IT team has been very accommodating through our transition. We are able to reach out and actually speak to someone that we know and are comfortable with, instead of a helpline with 5 prompts and a 30-minute wait time to navigate through.

For me, being accountable and standing behind the product is something that Encompass IT delivers on, and that is as important as the actual product itself.”


–  Trevor Cardinal, Co-Owner

(The Baker’s Dozen | Brooklyn, CT)


They Actually Have the Knowledge on How to Fix IT Issues
“Since hiring Encompass IT, the biggest benefit is the response time. Compared to past IT firms, their technicians actually have the knowledge on how to fix the issues that arise. We are happy with Encompass IT’s service so far.”


– Kessie Sala, Manager

(S&S Centerless Grinding, Inc. | Bloomfield, CT)


Their Technicians Are There to Ease My Pain
“The best part about Encompass IT is the personal relationship that has developed between me and their technicians! They always go above and beyond to help me. I feel it’s more personal than “strictly business” and their technicians are there to ease my pain. Encompass IT doesn’t nickel and dime us. It’s an absolute pleasure to do business with honest, straightforward peopleIf you’re considering a new IT firm, call me. I could sell you on Encompass IT in 10 minutes.”


– Michael D’Angelo, Owner

(D’Angelo’s Wine & Spirits | South Windsor, CT)



Very Comfortable with Encompass IT
“Encompass IT responds quickly to my tech issues when I encounter a problem. Their speed and quick acknowledgment is better than other IT firms and is important to me.

If you’re on the fence about choosing how to solve your IT problems, I can say without hesitation, that I am very comfortable with Encompass IT handling my needs.”


– Jim Holden, Partner

(Holden Brothers Construction | Ellington, CT)


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