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10 Tasks You Didn’t Know Your IT Team Could Do For You

Updated: May 20

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When you run your own business, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. Even when you start early and end late, there’s always something else, another e-mail or task, nagging for your attention. If you want to be productive, and ultimately successful, it’s important to prioritize what tasks you’ll allow to fill your schedule. Not everything needs to be or should be done by you.

Easier said than done. One of the issues we frequently see business owners struggle with is to delegate the tasks they don’t need to be doing. “It’s faster if I just do it” and “They won’t do it like I do” are two statements we often hear. For some tasks, that’s probably true, and those should stay on your plate, but when it comes to IT and technology, there are always several tasks business owners are doing themselves that they could and should hand off to someone else.

Some are obvious, like security. Quality cyber security requires 24/7 monitoring, and it’s unrealistic for busy business owners to be able to handle that effectively. They simply have too much to do! Another mistake is when they hand it off to an employee, family member, or friend to do for them. These people are typically not qualified to protect you correctly.

However, there are dozens of other to-dos that you might not realize you can hand off to your IT team Here are 10 tasks you can delegate to your IT team so you can focus on running your business.

1. Fix or Optimize Wi-Fi – Whether your Wi-Fi is down, you need to extend coverage area, or something else, you don’t have to crawl around unplugging and plugging your router. Your IT team can handle it.

2. Install and Set Up Microsoft Teams – If you’re using tools like Zoom, Slack, and project management software, moving to Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity. It facilitates direct communication, project management, and collaboration and has over 1,900 applications you can use. IT professionals can set all this up for you and train your team how to use it properly.

3. Manage User Access Permissions and Credentials – Your IT team can handle getting new employees their correct user access, immediately revoking access for fired employees or those who quit, and everything in between.

4. Procuring and Provisioning Devices – If you need laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, etc., sourced for the best price and configured for use, that’s a tech team task.

5. Providing Tech Support To Employees – No more troubleshooting questions for you! Your team can submit tech tickets for a quick, efficient response from support.

6. Set Up Dual Monitors – Want to increase productivity and efficiency? IT can set up dual monitors, correctly hooking everything up, so your team can come in and start working instead of trying to DIY it.

7. Speed Up Computers To Run Efficiently – If your computer is running slow, don’t go to Google looking for tips. Call your IT team. They can help you improve your computer speed.

8. Install E-mail/Spam Protection – No more filtering out dangerous or annoying spam e-mails; IT will do it for you.

9. Configure Office Equipment – New printer? No problem. IT can help set it up.

10. Employee Screen Monitoring – Are your employees working when they say they are? We can help you find out by setting up software to track activity.

And the list goes on. IT providers can also aid with HIPAA, CMMC, and PCI compliance, file sharing for external/remote access users, data loss recovery plans, office relocation, cabling and so much more. Most business owners we consult with are surprised by the number of responsibilities a tech team can take on beyond cyber security.

The best thing to do is book a FREE Network Assessment. During this assessment, our team will look at your entire system for areas of opportunity and improvement. We’ll conduct a full audit, provide you with a plan of action to optimize your business for productivity, efficiency, and security, and answer any questions you have. Click here to book your Assessment now.


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