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Not sure what we need for our business

We get it.

You own or work at a small business and trying to navigate the world of technology can be confusing and daunting. 

  • Maybe you’re looking to complete a project. 

  • Maybe you’re looking to relocate your office or work offsite more. 

  • Maybe you’re looking to work more efficiently. 

  • Maybe you’re looking to secure your network/email and need advice. 

  • Maybe you’re looking to…

Honestly, this list is endless, so the best way to begin the process is to get to know you, your business, and your needs. Let us listen to your ideas and your concerns, and then collaborate on ideas to help you and your small business. 

Feel free to fill out the form to the side with your information or give us a ring or email. 


Solves Issues within the Same Day

"If we had to pick the biggest single benefit we’ve experienced with Encompass IT, it’d be the request turnaround time. Our issues are usually completed efficiently and effectively within the same day of the request… Meaning that a week later, we aren’t calling for the same issue. 

Their technicians treat each one of our issues with the same amount of detail and respect, regardless of its level of acuity. In our company, our employees have varying levels of computer literacy, however, the entire Encompass IT team has patience and realizes that not everyone is as computer savvy as others. Be rest assured that Encompass IT’s level of professionalism, respect, and courtesy is bar none. We appreciate how they understand the inner workings of small companies in the healthcare industry, whereas these big national IT companies just don’t. That means something to small businesses. We aren’t “Client #1000”, we’re Teresa from IAA, etc. Personalized service is very important to us.”


– Teresa A. Martins, Division Manager of Hartford County 

(Integrated Anesthesia | Hartford, CT)

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Important! We hate spam as much (or more!) than you and promise to NEVER rent, share, or abuse your e-mail address and contact information in any way.

Image by Lauren Mancke

Experience the

Encompass IT Difference.

Feel free to schedule a FREE IT Consultation, where we’ll listen to your concerns, review your IT infrastructure, discuss cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and provide you with a technology game plan to follow going forward.
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