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Penetration Testing

What is Cybersecurity Penetration Testing?

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing involves IT security analysts simulating a cyberattack on a company's computer systems and servers to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. The test includes hacking applications and servers and seeks to uncover major loopholes that attackers can use to inject code or hijack computers.

The benefits of penetration testing are numerous. It provides insights that can be used to refine technology security policies and patch identified vulnerabilities. The process can be broken down into several stages, beginning with planning and research to define the scope and goals of the test, followed by scanning systems to understand how a targeted application or system responds to intrusion attempts.

The next stage involves attempting to exploit the target's most significant vulnerabilities, typically by escalating privileges, stealing data, or intercepting traffic, to understand the damage potential attackers can cause. The IT analysts and cybersecurity experts then assess whether the vulnerabilities can be used to gain a persistent presence in the exploited system, simulating advanced persistent threats.

Finally, the test results are compiled into a report detailing specific vulnerabilities that were exploited, sensitive data that was accessed, and the amount of time the penetration tester could remain undetected in the system.

Different penetration tests, including external examinations, target a company's visible internet assets like its website, email, and domain name servers. Another method involves simulating a rogue employee or an employee whose credentials were stolen due to a phishing attack.

Encompass IT Solutions offers several solutions to meet a company's IT and cybersecurity needs, including penetration testing, ongoing testing, and employee training.


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