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Worried about our IT security

So you're a small business that is concerned about the security of your IT infrastructure.

Why should I be concerned about cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity is like wearing a seat belt. You can drive around without one and most trips will be uneventful, BUT all you need is one accident and things can go sideways fast. Phishing emails seem like a fender-bender until you discover your email and passwords are being sold on the dark web.  And Ransomware? That is a twenty-car pileup on the highway. 


  • It is HIGHLY likely you or one of your staff will open a Phishing email. 

  • It is HIGHLY likely you or one of your staff have an email or password already compromised and on the Darkweb. 

Why should I consider Encompass IT to secure our small business? 

1) We have the experience.  We have helped NUMEROUS companies just within the past year recover from Ransomware, wire fraud, phishing emails, and other scams. All small businesses are just like yours. 

2) We have certified cybersecurity consultants on staff. All of our technicians and cybersecurity specialists have accolades, from CompTIA Security+ certifications up to a B.S. in Cybersecurity. Encompass IT is not just a Help Desk or computer guys offering your company a firewall and antivirus.  We have the technical training and certifications to provide exceptional cybersecurity protection specifically focused on small business needs and budgets.  

Contact Encompass IT to schedule a free security consultation to see if your business has been compromised or has cybersecurity vulnerabilities.   

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Important! We hate spam as much (or more!) than you and promise to NEVER rent, share, or abuse your e-mail address and contact information in any way.

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Solves Issues within the Same Day

"If we had to pick the biggest single benefit we’ve experienced with Encompass IT, it’d be the request turnaround time. Our issues are usually completed efficiently and effectively within the same day of the request… Meaning that a week later, we aren’t calling for the same issue. Their technicians treat each one of our issues with the same amount of detail and respect, regardless of their level of acuity. In our company, our employees have varying levels of computer literacy, however, the entire Encompass IT team has patience and realizes that not everyone is as computer savvy as others. Be rest assured that Encompass IT’s level of professionalism, respect, and courtesy is bar none. We appreciate how they understand the inner workings of small companies in the healthcare industry, whereas these big national IT companies just don’t. That means something to small businesses. We aren’t “Client #1000”, we’re Teresa from IAA, etc. Personalized service is very important to us.”


– Teresa A. Martins, Division Manager of Hartford County

(Integrated Anesthesia | Hartford, CT)

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